Vicinity Centres have transformed the Entertainment and Leisure Precinct through an extensive redevelopment that enhances the overall visitor experience. The project encompasses various enhancements, including spatial reconfiguration, improved thermal comforts and creation of an urban forest retreat. Prominent improvements involve an extension of a hotel bar, architectural and services treatments to the existing LSA’s with upgrades to lighting, heating, cooling and finishes. Furthermore, the carparking and streetscape areas have been rejuvenated with the addition of landscaping, park benches, bike racks and improved parking facilities. A standout feature of this redevelopment is the urban forest retreat, designed by landscape architect Lat Studio. This retreat offers visitors an invigorating space, featuring both hard and soft landscaping, providing a new and engaging area to meet and play. Successfully completed in May-23, together with APP, the $7.2m also included a small ambience upgrade to the level 1 mall.


Client :

Vicinity Centres

Location :

Northland Shopping Centre, Preston

Architect :

Buchan Group

Superintendent :



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